Titanium Alloys

Why do we recycle Titanium Scrap and Titanium Alloys Scrap?  

Titanium provides several positive aspects for its use case. Namely, Titanium is a high-performance material due to its low density and high durability against corrosive substances and high temperatures. As such, Titanium has been exceptionally beneficial for industries such as Aerospace (spacecraft, satellites, airplanes), Medical (joint replacement), electronics, and military.  

 There are few substitutes for these industries to find a metal that provides durability and anti-corrosive characterizes all while being lightweight. Although a difficult alloy to refine, it is not a rare element to find. Nevertheless, it does become a costly element to produce which proves the importance of recycling titanium scrap and titanium alloys from various sources of generation and recycling. For example, in some aircraft parts manufacturing, about 80 to 90% of the titanium used ends up back into the scrap supply chain. 

Titanium scrap recycling is a low-cost alternative to virgin material and it allows producing lower-cost products. There are a variety of grades of Titanium scrap available. CP Titanium for example is known as commercially pure titanium. CP Titanium is commonly found in a variety of shapes, wire, rods, bars, sheets, coils, plates, etc.

The typical grades we offer for Titanium Scrap Recycling: 

Titanium Alloys

  • CP Titanium – All Grades
  • Titanium 6/4 – Solids and Turnings
  • Ti 3 Al/2.5 V tubes
  • PHE Sheets & Disks (used and clean)

As a leading Titanium scrap buyer, ABCOM plays a key role in providing access to large sources of titanium scrap from all over the world. Over the years, we have developed an extensive and integrated network of trusted sources to provide the quickest and most reliable source of titanium scrap and titanium alloys. 

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