Super Alloys

Why do we recycle Super Alloys Scrap?  

 Super Alloys are a group of nickel, iron-nickel, and cobalt alloys used largely in high-performance applications like those of aerospace and oil and gas. These metals have excellent heat resistance properties and maintain their stiffness, strength, toughness, and dimensional stability at much higher temperatures than other aerospace structural materials. This nickel steel alloy also has excellent resistance to water, corrosive chemicals (acid and salts), high temperature 

 Super alloys usually are composed of Nickel with other elements such as chromium, iron, molybdenum, cobalt, copper, titanium, zirconium, etc. 

 These alloys are mainly used in: 

  • Chlorination and heat-treating systems
  • Heat Exchangers 
  • Biotech 
  • Petrochemical industry  
  • Power generation industry 

 Collection, separation, sorting, size reduction, and cleaning are all phases in the recycling of High-temperature alloys, with additional steps such as secondary nickel refining, degreasing, and separation of metallurgical wastes. Often a Melter will use an electric arc to melt the Super Alloy scrap and then a vacuum refining system is used to remove all other impurities. For Super Alloy Scrap buyers the aerospace, metalworking, automotive, ceramics, electronics, oil and gas, health and environmental, energy, flue gas desulfurization, and pharmaceutical industries are the major sources of Super Alloy Scrap. 

 The typical grades we offer for Super Alloy Scrap Recycling

Super Alloys

  • INCO 718 
  • INCO 625 
  • INCO 718 PLUS
  • INCO 909/907 
  • RENE 
  • PW Alloys 
  • HS Alloys 
  • NbTi 
  • Ni 200 
  • Mar M 
  • Nimonic alloys 
  • MAR246 

As a leading Super Alloy Scrap buyer, ABCOM plays a key role in providing access to reliable and consistent sources of super alloy scrap from all over the world. Over the years, we have developed an extensive and integrated network of trusted sources and industrial accounts to provide the quickest and most reliable source of super alloy scrap.  

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