NI/CU Alloys

Why do we recycle Ni/Cu Alloy Scrap?  

 A Ni/Cu alloy consists of nickel and copper. However, you will often find additional elements such as iron and manganese that help to strengthen the overall benefit and characteristics of the alloy group. Often highly corrosion and rust-resistant, Ni/Cu alloys tend to be stronger than steel, are highly resistant to acids and seawater, and are very malleable which allows them to be welded and bent for a variety of use cases.  

 Copper-nickel (Ni/Cu) alloy are mainly used in: 

  • Heat exchangers  
  • Condensers 
  • Seawater desalination plants 
  • Automotive application 
  • A variety of melting, casting, and machining industries 

 As Ni/Cu alloys are often more expensive than your common stainless-steel scraps. As such, they have become vitally important to ensure there is a reliable recycling chain to feed any Ni/Cu scrap back into the system. Recycling Ni/Cu scrap allows preservation of natural resources and reduces carbon emissions as it requires less energy than extracting Nickel and Copper from ores. For Ni/Cu Alloy Scrap Buyers Marine, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Energy industries, and Cryogenic equipment are the major sources of Ni/Cu scrap. 

 The typical grades we offer for Ni/Cu alloy Scrap Recycling

  • Ni Resist 1
  • Monel
  • Cupro-Nickel

As a leading Ni/Cu Alloy Scrap buyerABCOM plays a key role in providing access to large sources of Ni/Cu alloys from all over the world. Over the years, we have developed an extensive and integrated network of trusted sources to provide the quickest and most reliable source to higher volumes of NickelCopper Alloys

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