Minor Metal Scrap

Why do we recycle Minor Metal Scrap? 

 Minor metals are usually added to metal alloys to improve certain characteristics, such as strength and heat resistance, and they are often used as coatings for other metals to prevent corrosion or increase a certain level of durability. Some minor metals, such as copper oxide and tellurium, are used as pigments. Minor metals are especially used in:  

  • Automobiles  
  • Glass 
  • Batteries 
  • Solar equipment 
  • Pharmaceutical fields. 
  • Dip Tubes  
  • Welding Rods 
  • Aerospace High Tech Parts 

Minor metals are produced on a small scale compared to many other base metals. Recycling minor metal scrap requires advanced treatment of alloys to extract the minute amount of minor metal that exists in the alloy. While recycling minor metal scrap, special care is taken as these metals are considered very fragile and often the recovery on the minor metal can be lost if the treatment is unsuccessful.  

The typical Ni/Cu alloy scrap grades we offer are

Aluminium Scrap

  • Indium 
  • Tantalum
  • Niobium
  • Zirconium
  • Neodymium

ABCOM plays a key role in providing access to sources of minor metals from all over the world. Over the years, we have developed an extensive and integrated network of trusted sources to provide reliable access to Minor Metals.  

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