High Resistance Alloys

Why do we recycle Ni/Cr/Mo Alloy Scrap? 

 Ni/Cr/Mo alloy is the nickel-chromium-molybdenum corrosion-resistant material that is used largely in the oil and gas industry. Ni/Cr/Mo alloys are considered the most versatile alloys because they are very resistant to corrosion, cracking, pitting, as well as at tackling highly alkaline and acidic environments. Moreover, being quite a malleable blend of alloys, they are often used in a variety of applications such as:   

  • Reaction Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Piping, and Pumps. 
  • Acid processing units 
  • High-temperature fasteners and bolts.  
  • Aerospace / Jet Engine parts

The typical grades we offer for Ni/Cr/Mo Alloy Scrap recycling

  • AL6XN
  • SMO 254
  • A286 
  • Nimonic 80A 
  • INVAR 36 
  • INCO 800 
  • INCO 600 
  • INCO 925 
  • INCO 825 

As a leading Ni/Cr/Mo Alloy scrap buyerABCOM plays a key role in providing access to large sources of Ni/Cr/Mo alloys from all over the world. Over the years, we have developed an extensive and integrated network of trusted sources and industrial accounts to provide the quickest and most reliable source to higher volumes of Nickel Chrome Molly Alloys.  

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